This week, we start publishing a few pieces in English. But why? Well, as the creator and current editor-in-chief of Revista o Sabiá, let me tell you. This magazine was founded on the basis that information isn’t a part of the Brazilian democracy — in Bahia, the state where I was born, for example, 60% of citizens can only access the internet with their smartphones. Here, information is controlled by five families that own half of the entire media — within that half, we have some of the most famous and richest newspapers and magazines.

Personally, I do not think that the world is disinterested about what is going on here. I just think it is not being communicated in a way that can reach people who care — similarly, I did not think people in Brazil wanted to be misinformed, I thought safe and quality information was not being provided to them, so I founded this magazine. But, that is not the only reason.

“There is unity in the oppression. There must be absolute unity and determination, in the response”

Julian Assange, co-founder of WikiLeaks.

Most of our team is composed by young people — and I mean really young, between nineteen and twenty-two years old. Because of that, we write about all sorts of topics in a way young people can not only read, but also understand and care about what is being written. For example, we write a lot — I mean, a lot — about technology in order to make young people understand its dangers, without being bored out. We also publish more personal texts and essays, to fuel people’s imaginations and make them think about their own emotions.

There should be a media structure that not only supports young kids and their fears, hopes and questions, but that is brave enough to break loose of corporations and capital. We are not financed by anyone — we work for free — so, we do not ‘owe’ anything to anyone. We can do things our way, without being afraid of a businessman, or a stockbroker, or a higher-up employee. We make our own rules, and we are doing fine just like that. No one here serves anyone besides the voice of the people. So, we should expand that and bring this feeling to other parts of the world, other countries, other people.

And we are doing that. Therefore, every week, this magazine will publish content in English. Some will be adapted from previous texts in Portuguese, some will be written specifically for our foreign readers. As time goes by, we could publish in other languages — and expand our readership even more. You can also participate in that if you want. If you would like to work with us, knowing that we are an independent media and work for free, send your resume to — and we will talk with you there!

Together, we can build a better world.


Somos uma publicação digital e independente lançada em 15 de julho de 2020 por um grupo de jovens brasileiros que querem democratizar o acesso à informação no Brasil. Nossa redação funciona remotamente e sem financiamento ou fins lucrativos, com mais de 40 integrantes e colaboradores.